Clemson University's All-Male A Cappella Group


Reagan Leonard

Voice Part Baritone

Year Junior

Major Computer Science

Hometown Spartanburg, South Carolina


Favorite TIGEROAR Song to Perform Hold Back the River

Favorite Musical Artist The Avett Brothers

Favorite Movie Django: Unchained

Favorite TV Show Spongebob Squarepants

Favorite Book A Short History of Nearly Everything

Favorite Food Steak

Random Fact About Yourself I don't like Reese's cups.

Favorite Clemson Moment Winning the National Championship and running barefoot in my boxers to jump into the reflection pond in 29 degree weather.

Favorite Musical Moment The first time we sang Castle on the Hill on our Fall Retreat last year and got it completely right was incredible. We were finally all in sync for the first time and it was a very special moment for me, especially since it was my first retreat with the group.

Favorite Non-Musical Moment Once, when a few of us were in Petsmart after a gig (and very tired), I made a comment about how great it would be if you were a dog to get treats. "It would be like, the greatest thing to ever happen to you!" All the guys with me immediately burst into laughter and have relentlessly made fun of me for it ever since. I don't think I'll ever live it down...

Favorite Quote "No pressure, no diamonds." -Thomas Carlyle


Reagan Leonard is a Junior Computer Science major from Spartanburg, South Carolina. TIGEROAR has quickly become a huge part of Reagan's musical and social life and has changed both for the better. Besides TIGEROAR, Reagan is involved in Clemson FCA, Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, and the Calhoun Honors College. He also sings with Clemson University SINGERS and can be found singing and playing guitar at restaurants in Downtown Clemson. Music has always been ingrained in Reagan's life. He has been singing in choirs since the fifth grade. He has played guitar for over eight years now and four years professionally. He loves to play acoustic guitar and electric guitar equally and also plays piano, bass, and ukulele. He was a leader of Dorman High School's choir for his entire high school career and was a member of the mixed a cappella group, Acapelliers, for one year before he graduated. In his spare time, Reagan listens to music almost 24/7 no matter what he is doing. He has a true passion for music and for TIGEROAR and is excited for what TIGEROAR has coming for you next! Go Tigers!