Clemson University's All-Male A Cappella Group


Preston little


Voice Part Baritone/Vocal Percussion

Year Senior

Major Mechanical Engineering

Hometown Irmo, South Carolina


Favorite TIGEROAR Song to Perform The Star-Spangled Banner

Favorite Musical Artist Mark Schultz

Favorite Movie The Harry Potter Series

Favorite TV Show NCIS

Favorite Book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Favorite Food Chicken-Bacon-Pineapple Pizza (Only Papa John's)

Random Fact About Yourself I’m engaged!

Favorite Clemson Moment The Clemson vs. Georgia football game in 2013. It was my first game as a student, and I'll never forget Sammy Watkins running over the Georgia corner en route to a 67 yard touchdown.

Favorite Musical Moment When TIGEROAR sang The Star-Spangled Banner for the Heritage Foundation GOP event in Bon Secours Wellness Arena. The intensity level in that room was insane, and it was an incredible honor to sing that song and perform in front of over 10,000 people, along with hundreds of thousands watching online.

Favorite Non-Musical Moment Any time we play football. These scrubs can’t keep up!

Favorite Quote “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


Preston Little is a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Irmo, SC. Preston got introduced to TIGEROAR by his older brother, Clayton, and if it weren’t for him, he would simply be a nerdy engineer who never leaves his room! Preston is a huge sports fan. He is interested in anything related to competition or athletics. He loves playing or watching any sport. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family doing just about anything! Preston has been in choir since pre-school through his church. He grew up in youth choir, but began to shy away from choir once he got into middle school where he played the trumpet for two years in place of singing. Clayton convinced him to join chorus starting in high school, and that led to his involvement in the Men’s Chorus and TIGEROAR at Clemson. TIGEROAR is one of the best things Preston is a part of at Clemson, and he enjoys making phenomenal music with the guys in the group!