Clemson University's All-Male A Cappella Group

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Ryan Michael

Voice Part Tenor 2

Year Freshman

Major Biological Sciences

Hometown West Chester, Pennsylvania

Favorite TIGEROAR Song to Perform Carolina Girls

Favorite Musical Artist Hans Zimmer

Favorite Movie Megamind

Favorite TV Show Game of Thrones

Favorite Book Red Rising

Favorite Food Pork Ribs

Random Fact About Yourself I am allergic to pasta with red sauce.

Favorite Clemson Moment Watching the sunset through the trees in McGinty Mall.

Favorite Musical Moment The first time we performed Carolina Girls in a pizza shop on this year's fall retreat was probably my favorite musical moment with the group so far. It was the first time I performed with TIGEROAR, and there was something special about making music for an audience with a group of guys I'd only watched before.

Favorite Non-Musical Moment My favorite non-musical moment with TIGEROAR was when we were in an Aldi buying food for this year's fall retreat. The culmination of silly arguments over sausage logs, pre-made burgers, and the absence of charcoal still makes me laugh. Got to give it to Aldi: it was the cheapest grocery trip for 15 guys I've ever been on.

Favorite Quote "I'm in a heated, existential discussion with a dead-eyed, plastic desk toy." - Megamind


Ryan Michael is a Freshman Biological Sciences (Pre-Dental) major from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Ryan is extremely excited to be a part of TIGEROAR, not just for the musical experience of singing with other talented vocalists, but for the adventures and experiences he will be a part of while getting to know a group of great people for years to come. He's a member of the Clemson University SINGERS and is involved in the Pre-Dental club. Ryan began singing in his Freshman year of high school. He became a member of his church youth choir, both his school's chamber and concert choirs, and his school's musical program. He has made it through districts, regionals, states, and all-easterns in his home state of Pennsylvania. Ryan has been leads in 3 musicals, performed at the Wells Fargo Center and Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, and led his high school's men's ensemble while also being an active participant in his high schools a-capella group "Knights of A-Capella". Ryan hoped to one day find a group of guys as enthusiastic about music as he was, and found that group with TIGEROAR. Ryan can’t wait for all the memories he is going to make with the group!