Clemson University's All-Male A Cappella Group

Dr. David Conley

Faculty Director

Dr. David Conley is a Lecturer in Music at Clemson University. He teaches various music courses, from music appreciation to theory and arranging. He also directs two choral ensembles which perform popular a cappella music: TakeNote and TIGEROAR.

While a Clemson undergrad, Dr. Conley was the student conductor and accompanist for the Clemson choral ensembles and has stayed involved since that time as an arranger and teacher. He assisted Dr. Rash with the founding of TIGEROAR in 1997. He was initially the principal arranger for the group, where his early credits included TIGEROAR's signature song, “Tiger Rag," as well as many others. He then stayed involved over the years, initially writing arrangements and helping out part-time with Dr. Rash. In 2008, he was hired as the full-time choral director for the group after Dr. Rash’s retirement from the choral program.

Dr. Conley has worked at two other colleges in the upstate, where he conducted orchestras and choirs, and taught courses in conducting, theory, arranging, composition, church music and creativity. He is active in the community as well, working as the music director and pianist for The Mount Church in Clemson. He is also the founder of Inklings Abroad, an international travel seminar with summer trips to England and Europe. Additionally, he is a freelance composer and arranger, with hundreds of songs produced for churches, scholastic ensembles, and community orchestras. On the performance side, he plays piano in the jazz/blues band, Sonic Bacon; and various folk instruments in the Celtic ensemble, Emerald Road. He lives in Clemson with his wife, Michelle, and their children, Wilson and Elyse. He enjoys music, reading, sports and all things British!