Clemson University's All-Male A Cappella Group


Thomas Catoe

Voice Part Bass 1

Year Freshman

Major Communications

Hometown North Augusta, Georgia

Favorite TIGEROAR Song to Perform Something Just Like This

Favorite Musical Artist The Score

Favorite Movie Hush

Favorite TV Show Revenge

Favorite Book The Girl on the Train

Favorite Food Ranch One-Pot Chicken

Random Fact About Yourself I sing loudly in the Douthit showers every night and have no shame about it!

Favorite Clemson Moment Enjoying my first ever Clemson football game on campus.

Favorite Musical Moment When we all tried a new ending to Something Just Like This on retreat and in that moment all looked at each other, knew it sounded great, and got excited about the song for the first time.

Favorite Non-Musical Moment Playing fishbowl with the guys on my first TIGEROAR retreat.

Favorite Quote “Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” -Confucius


Thomas Catoe is a freshman Communications major from North Augusta, South Carolina. He is a member of Clemson University Singers, the Clemson Country Music Association of Education, and the LGBTQIA+ Student Government Committee Board. Thomas began taking honors choral classes in middle school and carried on through high school to Clemson University. He participated in multiple auditioned state choir clinics such as the South Carolina American Choral Directors Association and South Carolina Allstate during his junior and senior year. Thomas is excited to build both community and technique during his time here in TIGEROAR.